Quintessence 3D VR was created using the latest state of the art in 3D 360 VR technology. From the high resolution photography, animation, and VFX, to the superior quality spacial 360 music and soundtrack there was little compromise in the production. With the current state of VR HMD, and VR video compression technology there really can't be much compromise if a quality 3D 360 VR cinema experience is the goal.

Director and creative designer Joel Peck envisioned a stylized look for the series offering an original rendition of mankind's future, and their world, and universe. The stylized artistic approach was utilized to bring a unique and engaging feel to the series while offering the VR audience a super immersive experience even with lossy compression.

The live action was shot at artHouse 3D VR's green screen sound stage where a motorized camera jib along with motion tracking technology was employed. The soul travel space scenes utilized wire and harness rigs in the studio.

In Post-production Autodesk Maya was used to create the 3D 360 scenes and animated characters, and Adobe After Effects along with Mettle VR and other plugins from Boris Continum, Mocha Pro, Trapcode, and others where used for compositing and additional VFX. Unity was used for VR integration, and app development.

artHouse 3D VR's 360 spacial audio suite and studio was used to create original music, and sound design tracks which were recorded, mixed, and mastered with the latest in 360 spacial ambisonics technology from Steinberg Nuendo, and others, with additional audio support from Universal Audio, Townsend Labs, Sound Toys, Krotos, Native Instruments, and others.

ArtHouse 3D VR is the production facilites used to create Quintessence 3D VR. Follow this link for a closer look at these high quality production facilites.

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