VR/AR/XR Production Company

Producing high quality 3D virtual reality cinema and interactive content telling enticing stories that take audiences on highly immersive adventure experiences.

Production Facilities

Recording Studio - Music / Sound Design

Spatial Music Atmos Producer/Engineer experienced spatial / Atmos music production in our 7.1.4 Atmos sound studio for highly immersive music experiences for Apple Music/Spotify/Amazon Music.

Sound Design 5.1/7.1/7.1.4 Atmos / Ambisonics for VR/AR/XR Design / Engineer experienced spatial / Atmos / ambisonics sound design production in our 5.1/7.1/7.1.4 Atmos sound studio for highly immersive sound for games / picture / experiences.

Sound Stage

Green Screen Sound Stage fully equipped green screen studio. 4-12K Cine Level Camera, Automated Jib, Motion Tracking, Grid Lighting, Wire & Harness Rig, Learn More.


Compositing all levels of compositing to large project layering VFX, Color, Manipulation, CGI, Tracking, Expert Keying/Matt Work, etc. for HD/4K+/VR/AR/XR 2D/3D. Learn More

3D/CGI/VFX Autodesk Maya CGI - Environments/Modeling/Animation for HD/4K+/360 VR/AR/XR 2D/3D. Learn More

3D Virtual Character Creation, Animation, Lip Sync, VO, etc. for Film/Commercials/Games/Interactive/VR/AR/XR. Learn More

Motion Capture - MOCAP

MOCAP fully equipped MOCAP studio. Body, Head, Face, Hands Learn More.


Award Winning Director experienced film, commercial, VR/AR/XR, green screen, animation, VFX.


Relativity XR Studios publishing to VR/AR/XR platforms world wide

Relativity Theory Publishing publishing music (ASCAP)


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