Relativity Theory 3D VR Cinema is a 3D VR production company producing high quality 3D virtual reality cinema content. Pushing the state of the art of 3D VR technology while telling enticing stories that take audiences on highly immersive adventure experiences.


Quintessence 3D VR was created by Joel Peck who has been thinking and plotting this future world project for many years. Now as series creator, writer, director, creative designer, and music and sound design composer it has materialized as a fresh new 3D 360 virtual reality experience.

Joel along with Relativity Theory 3D VR Cinema, artHouse 3D VR, and partners intend to extend Quintessence 3D VR as an ongoing series. Joel states "Session 1 just gets us started in this prodigious world of human cosmic connection, ongoing intergalactic action, suspence and drama, and metaphysical science and fantasy. All told as super immersive 3D VR cinema experiences. The VR technology will only get better, and we're along for the full ride."

Reality Theory VR, and partners have additional 3D VR cinema content in development, and plan on more high quality 3D VR cinema releases in the upcoming future. Check back for more.

Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 is the winner of a 2020 Silver Telly Award for best series/show for immersive / mixed reality!

More information about Joel Peck here.

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