Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 - 2D Video Trailer

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Quintessence 3D VR series is available at the following quality 360 3D VR venues:


JUST LAUNCHED!! Now available at the Oculus Rift / Rift S Store $2.99
Oculus Rift Expereince Web Store HERE

Quest +Link (Requires Link) (Please note that when using Link the audio level is reduced due to Link. Also, be aware that Link can sometimes not make a good connection and thereby reduce the overall quality.)


Now available at the Oculus Go Store $2.99
Oculus Go Expereince Web Store HERE


We are hoping to be on the Oculus Quest store by early next year!

Quest (Link not required)



Series creator and director Joel Peck with the only cast and crew that attended the 11/19/20 award photo shoot due to the pandemic.

News update; May 27, 2020

Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 has won a 2020 Silver Telly Award for best series/show for immersive / mixed reality!


Johns Hopkins University Immersive Storytelling & Emerging Technologies
III Annual Immersive Media Summit

December 6-7 2019

Relativity Theory VR Cinema Experiences participated on both days showing conference goers a full preview of Quintessence 3D VR Experience Episode 1

The summit was fantastic, and the response to Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 from industry pros,
film students, faculty, and enthusiasts was overwhelming, and we thank Johns Hopkins University's newest program, Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies (ISET) and all the participants!


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Quintessence 3D VR Episode 2 is only weeks away!!

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